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Unique Siliflex-Straw Technology
BPA & Phthalate Free
One Straw Sippy Cup

Bot Straw Sippy Cup
Nitrosamine-free silicone straw.
Integrated top and handle.
Easy-to-open and close lid.
Siliflex-straw technology. Designed with silicone and weighted ball so straw always moves to liquid regardless of how the cup is tilted.
Allows child to sip to the last drop.

BPA and Phthalate-free plastic.

What’s in the box?
Includes one 6 oz / 180 ml bot straw sippy.

Рекомендации по применению

Bot is designed without a valve to make it easier for children to drink. Some drips or leaks may occur.
Do not exceed 6 oz / 180 ml, shake or hold upside down. Otherwise, cup may drip or leak.
Avoid putting any carbonated beverages or juice with pulp in cup.
Straw contains metal parts. Do not microwave.

Wash & Care:
Clean all parts thoroughly with soap and water or on top rack of dishwasher prior to initial use.
Do not remove straw from lid to clean. Leave the straw in the lid and hold it under running water. Gently rub the straw between your fingers and squeeze the tip of the straw to release any excess water.
Straw are made of silicone so will wear out over time. Regularly inspect straw and replace as needed.
Replacement straws are available online at zoli-inc.com or your specialty retailer.


Caution: Never leave child unattended while feeding. Always use with adult supervision. Do not let child run or walk while holding cup. Straw contains metal parts. Do not microwave. Straw is not intended to be used as a teeth. Please do not allow your child to bite or chew on straw as this may lead to leakage, tearing, or breaking.

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